Wednesday, October 11

Days in the Sun: Buleleng

My third Bali-exploring experience this semester was going to Buleleng.... arriving in the middle of the night. The boyfriend, other four friends and I went to Buleleng to collect some data for the campus’ ‘Monitoring Marine Debris in Bali’s Coastline’ activity. It was my first time going up north and actually staying there for a night, so it was really exciting. We went to the north-west of Bali, reaching Gilimanuk, wandered around Pemuteran area, and basically driving through the coastline until we reached my friend’s place at Gerokgak. North Bali beaches are heavenly. With back grounds of hills, cliffs and forests, it is almost by far my favourite coast in Bali. The waves are calm, peaceful and all shades of blue. Can’t wait to go back there again and visit Menjangan Island.

Wednesday, September 6

Three In One

For the past few months, I’ve been toying around with my trustee Sprocket Rocket Lomo camera. It isn’t as easy as a normal disposable camera or one of those just-click 35mm cameras, but it’s still pretty simple. Using a film camera is really fun, but you really just have to pray to get what you expect… because mines is… well, you’ll see. I also just bought Lomo's Aquapix for less than Rp100.000 on Tokopedia, and I cannot wait until it arrives. I haven't had the time to develop the rolls, and decided to develop three at once. My money flew right into the pictures. Anyway, this is what my life looks like in three rolls of film:

Saturday, September 2

Stay Home Club

For the past holiday, my highlights were: finishing 8 seasons of Friends (I watched the first two seasons earlier in Bali), watched 8 Harry Potter movies in a week or so (not daily), cleaning my room and finding memorabilia from my primary to high school days, We The Fest 2017 and learning to drive.

People think I am an outgoing person, because I like going out all the time. But to be honest, I'm not all that outgoing. I like staying indoors in front of the TV, watching movies trailers, DIYs, and all kinds of movies or tv series. I like rearranging my things at the room while dancing along to Michael Jackson. I like to finish my work (ugh what a work junkie) on my laptop while sipping Nestea's Thai Iced Tea. Don't get me wrong, I like going out. I like seeing new things, go window-shopping, getting 'coffee' and catching up with my friends, and the definite watch movies in the cinema. I love the last activity best. However, it's just that... being at home beats anything else, when I'm in the right moment and mood.

Thursday, August 24

How I Do My Skin+Lips

The skin is the first thing everyone sees in you, thus one of the things that creates the first impression is the skin. A healthy and glowing skin represents the person itself, therefore I always try to take care of my skin and lips mostly, rather than my hair (guilty!). I started having my own face wash when I was in junior high. The first face wash I bought was Clean and Clear's Facial Wash. Little did I know, skin care isn't only face wash. There's this whole other thing after that, and here's my skin care routine and items.

Wednesday, August 16

There's A Party

Last weekend, ISMAYA Live held their fourth We The Fest summer festival! Lucky me, I get to go to their first three-days music festival! It was held at JIExpo Kemayoran, with lineups such as Charlie XCX, The Kooks, Phoenix, Lany, Cash Cash, as well as superb local acts Stars and Rabbits, Barasuara, Scaller, The Adams, Raisa and plenty more! 

Wednesday, August 2

Over Sushi

Before we head our separate ways (Nilam will be going to Birmingham and myself to Bali), we got together and talked things over sushi. For some reason, we always ended up eating sushi whenever we're going out, wherever we are.

Tuesday, July 25

Berwisata bersama Fikri

On Sunday, I had a date to explore Jakarta. My boyfriend and I met up at my dad's office, and took a walk towards the Duren Tiga TransJakarta Stop (click here for bus route). We used my BNI Tapcash card to pay for the tickets.

We took the 6A bus towards the city, passing by Kuningan and stopped at Sarinah. The bus itself was comfortable and roomy, however I think the bus could be added more seats for non-priorities. Once we stopped at Sarinah, we had lunch nearby and head towards the Jakarta Explorer Bus Stop. We waited for roughly 20 minutes to get the bus we wanted.