Tuesday, January 16

Fresh Out of the Sea

Photos (L-R): The sunset view from a warung by the beach (by me), my view when cycling by the beach (by me)

Hurrah! It's late, but welcome 2018! I started 2018 by forcing myself to swim as far as 200 meters (after a while of not swimming!), got my diphtheria vaccine shot, and flew back to Bali to start my internship. I am currently doing an internship at Marine Megafauna Foundation, a non-profit organisation that mainly focuses in conserving, well marine megafaunas, such as whale sharks and manta rays. Here at Nusa Lembongan, the island of the MMF-SEA office, a senior and I are helping a PhD student finishing her research on the impacts of microplastic towards manta rays at Nusa Penida & Komodo Island.

Sunday, December 31

Life in Love

Even when they were just wasting time, they weren't wasting time. It was as if no time spent together could ever be wasted - If I Stay

It's that time of the year... Where people write their new years resolution!!! I'm not the kind of person who loathes resolutions, because I honestly make them too. I can never accomplish all the resolutions I've written, but writing them down makes me believe it's actually possible. Earlier when I was in Perth, I decided to buy a 2018 planner from Kikki.K. Inside the book there are plenty of questions that (as they say) will help me determine my goal and how I will achieve my goals in 2018. Copying what I've written on my journal, here are the 3 things I want to do more of in 2018:

Sunday, December 24

The 18 Things They Did This Year: An Interview

2017 has been... wild. Good and bad things happened, and all I can think about right now is how fast this year has gone by! It's times like these I realise how fast life goes, and sometimes I don't think I'm making the most of it. And I'm pretty sure most people feel so too! But let's not feel regret. Let's feel grateful for the amazing things that has happened this year. To see the things other people did, I decided to ask six university students with an interest in art, all in different majors, about a how art plays an important role in their lives, how their 2017 went and the 18 things they did this year.

Tuesday, December 12

Land of the Sun

On early December, my friend and I, accompanied by our vice dean went to Perth to do a visit, which is a part of the MOU between my university and Murdoch University. Our stay lasted for 5 days, and it was full of windy and sunny days, eating fish and chips, meeting new people, shopping, and definitely walking. Murdoch, the area we stayed at, was beautiful, but rather quiet. During the five days, we went to Fremantle, Woodman Point, Cape Peron, Rockingham Beach, Mandurah, South Perth, and Kings Park (which is basically a glimpse of Perth City). All these places had blue skies and cute looking birds flying and walking from one place to another. Due to the short period of time we had, we didn't get to see much more of Western Australia, in specific, Perth. I'll be back though, soon. Road tripping to Ningaloo Reef, and witnessing the micro algae bloom at the Pink Lake myself. After all, Bali and Perth is only 3 hours away.

Thursday, November 9

Adulting: Twenty

Is there such a word as adulting? Evernote underlined the word ‘adulting’, so I guess there is no such as thing as the word ‘adulting’. But I’m making it happen. At least, in this blog post.

There’s this sentence that I got from Twitter: Remember when you thought people in their 20s were adults? Hahahaha (help me).

Today, I turn twenty years old. That is me, the tanned skin, curly hair, Pakistani face girl, turning twenty. At first it didn’t seem like it was a big deal, I age every year anyway. However, after a few people made a big deal of turning twenty, it actually got scary. I am no longer in the -teen years, as my age now begins with a 2. Not that it has affected me that much now, but I know it will later.

Sunday, October 29

Sprangled Streets

A few days ago, kak Karin and I went to Ubud to attend day three of Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2017. After paying the Indonesia student fee (God Bless in being an Indonesian student), we went around the area and found great photographic spots, Indonesian and international books on sale, stands of coffee, wine and other consumable goodies, stacks of books on a mini library, and of course… The attendants of the event, writers, readers and literature enthusiasts from around the globe. Ubud that day was 31 degrees Celsius, I was wearing denim shorts with a rather thick-fabric tshirt and sandals. I was melting in the bloody heat.

Tuesday, October 24

Days in the Sun: Bedugul

On late September, a couple of close friends and I went away to Bedugul (Bali Botanical Garden) with two cars packed with homemade food, big bottles of non-carbonated drinks, blankets and placemats, two cozy hammocks and a camera. We haven’t had such an outing for a while and it seemed like a good day picnic was the perfect way to re-bond our friendship. Lucky us, one of our friends celebrated Eid Al-Adha (a Muslim celebration reminiscing Ibrahim’s sacrifice) and had all of us over for a goat dinner! If I could describe the day with three words it would be: it left smiles.